Luswave Technology, reorganized from Ancortek Inc., is a leading company of software-defined smart radar platforms.

Luswave develops lightweight and low-power modules for building short-range, lightweight, and low-power software-defined radar systems for applications in industry automation, medical diagnosis, public safety/security, and academic research. Software-defined systems, such as software-defined radio, communication systems, and radar systems, utilize software protocols to substitute part of the hardware components, minimize the use of dedicated hardware, and implement/manage the transmitting and receiving functionality.

The software-defined architecture offers a great deal of system compactness and flexibility. Without modifying hardware, the software-defined system can be adopted in different scenarios and, thus, suitable for multipurpose applications. It can change its operating modes, waveforms, bandwidths, as well as processing functions. Luswave developed compact-size, lightweight, and low-power FPGA-based processor modules and software-defined RF modules in the C band, X band, and K band.

Luswave is also a specialist in antenna design, general RF circuit engineering, and embedded HDL firmware development. We provide engineering services. This includes the design of custom hardware, schematics, and layout work as well as the production of prototypes.

PUPradar, rebranded from SDR Kits, are low-cost, high-performance, and easy-to-use smart MIMO development platforms. Our special single board development kits integrated FPGA MCU, microwave PLL, and part of the patch antennas onto a single board, can be used to measure target distance, moving speed, and direction of arrival, which allows you to two/three dimensionally locate targets and extract their signatures. Models with enclosure integrate multiple channel RF modules and a powerful FPGA-based processor module. Specially, two transmitter antennas and four receiver antennas are configured as a MIMO array. Eight signals can be virtually extracted from the receivers using the orthogonality of the transmitted signals, thereby obtaining a finer spatial resolution compared to its array counterpart.

PUPradar can be widely used in academic research, industry automation prototypes, public safety evaluation, traffic supervision, healthcare monitoring, sport measurement equipment, and DIY projects.

Luswave also provides additional antennas and low price cables and connectors for the convenience of our customers.

Luswave will continue the technical support for some of the Ancortek products.